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All too often, life looks great from the outside, but inside we feel like we're crumbling. Personal states of mental or physical exhaustion can look different for everyone - behavioral changes, avoidance, lack of motivation, zero energy for things you used to enjoy, trouble concentrating, a drop in productivity, physical health issues (like headaches and trouble sleeping), etc. My most popular services are listed below that are designed to help you regain your footing, get out of your rut, master your mindset, and build a better life.

Will you do what it takes?

Forest Road


Is this the right path for you?

Coaching isn't for everyone. If this is a good fit for your needs, I'll let you know. If I don't think my services are a good fit for your needs, I'd be happy to refer you elsewhere. The only way we can know is if we talk, together. Click on the picture above and schedule a free call to see how coaching might improve your life.

Enjoying Nature

Breakthrough Session

Clearing mental & emotional baggage

Imagine your career or another troublesome area of life without the cycle of anxiety, exhaustion, and spiraling self-doubt. This intensive session is tailored to your specific needs, getting to the heart of what drives your behavior and what has been holding you back from achieving your goals. At the conclusion of the session, you will be armed with the tools you need to succeed, pointed in the right direction, being able to clearly see the path ahead. This full-day (or two half-days) service can be a la carte but is included in Breakthrough Coaching.

Biker on Mountain Top

Breakthrough Coaching

Focus and take action!

A Breakthrough session is only the beginning. Now that you're free of the mental and emotional baggage that's been keeping you from achieving what you want, let's go deeper to help you transform your life. We will explore your conscious and unconscious mind to align your values, focus, and take action to create sustainable results. Coaching 3 times a month will help to keep you focused and taking action toward your goals, which is a crucial step to lasting change. Reach out via email or the form below to see how coaching might be a good fit for you.

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