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Words from clients

"I think that everyone has these small (or large!) emotional 'potholes' along their life's highway. Of course, the deeper the pothole is, the bumpier the ride becomes.... I didn't realize how many or how deep below the surface these 'emotional potholes' were and I couldn't make the connection about how they were affecting me; I could only feel the jostling of the car. Several of these emotional wounds were so far below the surface of the conscious mind that I was shocked when they revealed themselves through the subconscious exercises.... Sarah was a patient, attentive practitioner and since my session, I've noticed that my attachments in relationships are more healthy and my response to 'bad luck' events in life is more proportional. I released some of my limiting beliefs that were holding me back and I look forward to smooth driving toward my limitless potential." - Julia, New York City

"Working with Sarah has been life-changing for me and has moved me forward to new levels of success that I never imagined possible.  During our breakthrough session, which was our first session together, Sarah helped me release old 'baggage' that I had been carrying around for years.  She also helped me move past a variety of fears that were stopping me from achieving success with personal and career goals. ... Working with Sarah, I experienced her as extremely knowledgeable and skilled in the various techniques she utilized during our sessions together.  Sarah is extremely gifted in her work as a life/success coach, and I am now accomplishing the goals that I have long desired to accomplish because of my work with Sarah. " - Dr. Tammy, clinical psychologist

"A little over a year ago I was presented with the opportunity to take my leadership development to the next level with the guidance of a leadership coach.  I chose Sarah Horn. Sarah captured my attention with her vision, strategies, and goals of leadership development.  Her focus on creating career impacting SMART goals, leveraging her knowhow in NLP & MER, and providing tools for team and personal development has positively impacted my career.  She’s and amazing listener that knows how to get to the root causes with challenges with individuals, fellow leaders, customers, and even at home!  Sarah creates an environment that is trusting and open while holding you accountable. With Sarah’s guidance I have a strong foundation to continue to build the best version of myself in my leadership journey." - Jeff, Chicago

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